Your Solution for a better Practice!
Investing in your office is the most effective way to strengthen your staff and impact your patients. Betsy Wheat is an experienced business consultant to the dental profession with a solid reputation for helping dentists increase their bottom line. She offers customized consulting services, training programs, and leadership for the dental profession.

If you are ready to…

  • Maximize your practice potential
  • Influence patients to accept treatment
  • Effectively manage the business side of your practice
  • Master the art of communication and presentation skills
  • Implement valuable operational systems that withstand staff turnover
  • Dramatically increase productivity and profitability
  • Increase patient and professional referrals
  • Create a more profitable hygiene department
  • Provide professional development for your staff
  • Attract and keep valued patients through innovative marketing concepts
  • Free dentist’s valuable time to practice comprehensive dentistry
  • …then contact Betsy Wheat Liberto!

Betsy offers an extensive practice analysis and evaluation! Her 1-2 day training sessions and workshops will cover internal and external marketing strategies, staffing needs, production and profitability potential, and operational systems, which are an ongoing concern in today’s dental practice. Betsy will customize a management program with a specific action plan for your practice. Her onsite training can easily be implemented to provide quick and concise results!

About Betsy Wheat Liberto

Betsy Wheat Liberto is a motivational management and business consultant providing customized consulting services and training programs for the dental profession. Straightforward, direct, and with a solid reputation for cutting to the bottom line, she has assisted thousands of dentists throughout the United States in implementing effective management strategies, establishing short- and long-range business goals, and developing effective action plans.

With over 25 years experience in dental practice consulting , Betsy provides tremendous resources in specialized quality training that will take your practice to the next level. Betsy encourages your team to reach maximum efficiency and productivity with innovative, on-site sessions tailored to the individual needs of YOUR practice. With your customized management program and a specific action plan, her on-site training will provide quick and effective results.